Darkness Moves is the semi-dicsomaniacal oeuvre of five artists living in various parts of the unknown world and working concurrently. These followers of Time and Light include Leviathan de Bruiser, Matthew Swiezynski, Theosphele Trinkerin, Stecken Oblivion, and the librarian Arthur De Eriomém.

"He was already dead when the doctor arrived" (Il était déjà mort quand le docteur est arrivé) as a statement has transitioned these followers of the Time Light continuum from living beings to non-dead or half-dead artists, and the oeuvre has blossomed hence from this seedtime or seedbath. Each follower, or empath, has from one time or another, being now in this time period, or previously, described seedtimes as transitions of work from a time no longer, into a contemporary modernism. Working within this modernism is the aim of the Darkness Moves.